Kelly Dabbah

| USA | New York | | | Painter - Street Art| |Blend contradictions. Change proportions. Shake conventions. Kelly Dabbah’s aesthetic is made of worlds that joyfully collide and clash to better give rise to new harmonies. Where nature meets the city, and sweet roses grow alongside illegal substances and tigers, the Swiss-born and New York based Visual Artist creates a new sense of graphic balance. Behind Dabbah’s piercing black eyes, a creative fire is burning since as long as she can remember. An urge to draw and create that is ignited by all the women who inspire her – from the explosive and colorful Frida Kahlo, to the soulful voices of Amy Winehouse, Lauryn Hill or Erykah Badu. Above all, Dabbah’s creations always celebrate her personal muses: her own mother and three sisters. It is thanks to these strong women that the faces and female bodies that inhabit her creations are so sensual and bold. Hot-blooded. Just like Kelly Dabbah’s art. | Kelly brought her designs sense to her collaboration for The Gallery. Giving unique one of a kind neon signs that cannot be categorized, just like her. |