Susan Alexandra neon signs


Handbag & Jewelry Designer
New York - USA


Susan Alexandra is a New York City handbag and jewelry brand rooted in inclusivity, joy, connection and color. The brand launched in 2018 with tony retailers like Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Opening Ceremony and Nordstrom.
In 2021, Susan Alexandra has pivoted with great success to a Direct to Consumer model. SA has been spotted on celebrities and influencers around the globe and has gained a cult-like, devotional following. Susan Alexandra prides itself on producing sustainably, locally and working with a collective of NYC based BIPOC women.

"I have always been told that SA jewelry and handbags 'light up a room' and now I have the opportunity to literally light up a room! I am so excited to debut these special, dazzling, incandescent beauties. The goal here is to make your every day more joyous and I feel we achieved that with this collection!"