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  • Description

    This multicolored neon sign encourages you to live by your own truth, make your own rules, and follow your own creative spirit. Pair this primary color sign in any space for a special pop, or hang it where you need to see this mantra most for inspiration. This white, blue, red, and yellow neon is sure to turn heads, inspire spontaneous dance contests, and let the world know how you do things – all in one piece.

    Unique size: 55 x 72cm

    Color: Multicolor

    Designed to shine 

    • LED neon artwork
    • Energy efficient LED neon tubing 
    • Cut to shape backing
                    • Material

                      Each sign is made of a neon flex material, consisting of PVC or Silicon piping with LED lights, that is mounted on a recycled acrylic board. These materials allow us to create realistic neon signs, with bright lights and intense color, while being more durable, affordable, and sustainable than traditional neon.

                      We take sustainability seriously, which is why we use:

                      - LED lights(consuming 6 times less energy than traditional lights)

                      -recycled materials in our products

                      - and 100% recycled packaging, including removing all useless plastic. 

                    • Shipping

                      Shop with confidence: We deliver almost anywhere in the world, and with our insured transport, you can be sure that if anything happens to your sign during the shipping process it will be replaced free of charge!

                      Shipping options:

                      • FREE Standard delivery for orders above £50. 2-4 weeks from placing your order.
                      • Fast Track - Need your sign sooner: Request fast track shipping to receive it in 10 to 13 days for an extra fee (£90)

                    WHAT'S IN THE BOX

                    • LED neon piece
                    • Extension cable
                    • Installation screw kit
                    • Dimmer switch
                    • Power supply

                    Ordering internationally? No problem. We'll make sure the plug type matches where your sign is headed.