Neon Signs for Your Bedroom

Turn off the lights, turn on your LED neon sign, and maximize your cozy bedroom vibes with a neon sign for your bedroom. It’s so important to get your bedroom decor just right and make sure the walls of your space reflect what makes you comfortable and safe–that’s why we’re so in love with bedroom neons. Nothing makes setting the right mood easier than an art piece you love that also emits gentle, soft light. Create a custom LED neon or choose from our collection to find the best bedroom neon decor for your space.

Eye-Catching LED Neon Signs for Bedrooms

LED Neon signs for rooms are the biggest way to create an eye-catching statement piece for your wall that delivers light and art all in one. Regardless of what you chose, neon signs for your bedroom are the absolute best piece of decor because they can help create any mood you’re looking for. Looking for an art piece that sets a sexy mood? Maybe a cozy mood, or a we’re-watching-tv-all-night-and-you-can’t-stop-us mood? Easy. Need something unique to match that random thing you got off Etsy just because the price was right? Look no further, we’ll put that Etsy piece to shame and deliver an eye-catching statement piece that will really knock your socks off. 

Thinking of a custom LED neon for your room?

Here at YP, you have choices when it comes to picking your neon. Shop our in-house collection below, or browse our artist collaborations for inspiration.  Thinking of a custom piece? You’ve come to the right place! Here at YP, we’re proud to say we produce the best quality pieces—you’re free to design the neon of your dreams and we’ll make it happen! Shop our custom app, read our customer reviews, or shop in-house products and you’ll be able to design exactly what you want, how you want it at a variety of price points. Design an image or type out the text you want, select from a variety of fonts and colors, decide your size, and boom! We’ll be shipping you your dream sign before you know it! But don’t take our word for it, check out our reviews and you’ll see–we’re the best-rated shop for neon signs out there!

Best Neon Sign for Room, Best Vibes

We want your room to feel the very best–lights on or lights off. Order the neon for the room you’ve been dreaming of, and enjoy free shipping on any products you purchase. See how past customers have rated our neons, and from your window to your wall, fill your room with neon light.