Madonna LED neon signs

Madonna’s legacy of fierce self-expression, reinvention, and show-stopping style aligns with our values as creators of custom neon artwork. For this reason, we are thrilled to announce our exclusive collaboration with the cultural icon herself!

Consisting of four designs chosen by and created in partnership with Madonna, the collection represents her unstoppable creative spirit. It features references to iconic songs, albums, and themes of her career brought to life through vivid, colorful LED-neon that shines with popstar energy! It was made by artists — to celebrate Madonna’s artistic achievements — for creative spirits everywhere!

If you’re looking to create an inspired space where you can chase your dreams, embrace your personal creativity, and step into your bright future, then look no further than the below collection! Each neon sign is a limited edition of 100 units.

The Collection

Three phrases written in Madonna’s playful, cursive handwriting have been converted into vivid LED-neon signs. References to songs such as “Express yourself” and her upcoming Finally Enough Love album will light your space with superstar spirit. This collection is completed with a neon rendition of her iconic True Blue album artwork in white neon with a dark blue, UV-printed background.

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Madonna needs no introduction... but we’ll give one anyway! The cultural icon has her origins in the small-town Midwest. Following the path of dreamers before her, she moved to New York City where she rose to fame in the 1980s. Her unique blend of punk rock spirit, Old Hollywood glamor, and disco-synth music created an instant cultural icon. Songs such as “Material Girl,” “Vogue,” and “Express yourself” have become timeless musical touchstones. Never shy about change, though, she reinvented herself time and again, exemplifying the power of self-expression and creative freedom. We share these values, and couldn't be more excited to celebrate her legacy with four LED-neon signs infused with a touch of unstoppable Madonna spirit!

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4 Results


This limited edition collection represents Madonna’s timeless glamor fittingly cast in 80s dance-pop neon!

Express Yourself

Don’t go for second best! The iconic song that championed self-expression is now available in colorful LED-neon, written in Madonna’s playful cursive handwriting.

Finally Enough Love

Celebrate Madonna’s unparalleled achievement of 50 #1 singles with this neon featuring the title of her upcoming album. The popping pink calls to mind the disco lights of 80s dance clubs where Madonna first exploded onto the music scene!

Absolutely No Regrets

This sign in vivid blue cursive could well be Madonna’s personal motto. It’s perfect for creating an inspirational space for dreamers, artists, and champions of personal expression everywhere!

True Blue

We’ve illuminated Madonna’s iconic True Blue album artwork in bold LED-neon set on a dark blue, UV-printed background. Light up your space with the timeless glamor of this dance-pop sensation!

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