Perfect for art aficionados and collectors, the collection literally brings the spirit of Basquiat's street art into a new light. Embrace the blend of past and present, art and illumination, with this exclusive LED neon sign tribute to a true visionary.


This collection of 7 LED neon signs is inspired by the indelible legacy of Jean-Michel Basquiat. Each piece fuses the raw energy and expressive power of Basquiat's iconic art with the modern glow of LED neon.


Art is a voice

Basquiat used his art to speak on complexities of identity, to challenge social structures, and to tear down the barriers of the conventional art world. His paintings were his voice—loud, unapologetic, and raw.

Vivid Icons

These symbols, rendered in bright neon, capture the essence of Basquiat's unique visual language. Each piece is a vibrant representation of the motifs that defined Basquiat's art, offering a window into his playful yet profound exploration of culture, identity, and symbolism.

Neon Narratives: Words from the Artist’s Diary

These pieces provide a glimpse into Basquiat's thoughts and musings, transforming his handwritten words into glowing art forms, each telling a story that's both personal and universal.

Luminous Legacy

These neon pieces are carefully crafted extracts from his celebrated paintings, offering an intimate look at the evolution of his artistic expression. This category is a tribute to the period when Basquiat was not just creating art, but was an established artist in his own right, with each neon sign reflecting the complexity and maturity of his later pieces.

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Jean-Michel Basquiat, an iconic force of the 1980s New York art scene, brought the raw grit of the streets to the polished walls of galleries with his neo-expressionist works. His art, characterized by a tempest of scribbled words, potent symbols, and mask-like faces, crafted a visual language that was unmistakably his own.

In line with Yellowpop’s ethos of making inspiring art accessible, we’ve partnered with the Basquiat estate to bring a slice of his genius into everyday spaces. Our Basquiat Collection draws from his powerful lexicon of imagery, inviting the spirited energy and rebellious intellect of his work into your home, in radiant LED form.

“These Yellowpop neons are so fun!,” says Jeanine Heriveaux of the Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat. “Seeing Jean-Michel’s artwork and icons translated into light is a powerful way to celebrate his legacy that anyone can enjoy.”