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Discover New Keith Haring LED Neons

Oct 26, 2023 Read More

When the world of pop art meets the shimmering universe of LED neon signs, a creative spark emerges! We are thrilled to bring this brilliance into your interiors with the 3 new designs inspired by the undeniable talent of Keith Haring.

Keith Haring, a life illuminated by art

Keith Haring is not just an artist; he is an icon, a driving force in pop art that has left a mark on generations with his dynamic patterns. His work – synonymous with boldness, creativity, and open-mindedness – has deeply imprinted the history of contemporary art. His straightforward and expressive drawings are instantly recognizable and carry profound social and cultural meanings within them. His artworks celebrate diversity, acceptance, and love – values that resonate deeply with Yellowpop.


Yellowpop x Keith Haring: When art and light intersect

By merging his artistic essence with our expertise in LED neon signs, we aim to transcend mere decoration and offer a living artistic experience. At Yellowpop, we are passionate about creating luminous artworks that turn the ordinary into the extraordinary!


The LED neon sign as a medium of expression

More than just a light source, the LED neon sign is a vibrant canvas, a bold statement of style and personality. In the realm of interior decoration, art in the form of LED neon sign brings a touch of originality, illuminating not only the physical space but also its soul. Each creation is a celebration, a dialogue between light, color, and space.


Redefining art for modern spaces

At Yellowpop, our mission has always been to push the boundaries of what's possible with LED neon sign. By reimagining Keith Haring's iconic works, we invite interior decor enthusiasts to a new way of experiencing art – bold, luminous, and always memorable.

We are convinced that the future is bright, and with each new creation, we strive to offer you the best in design, art, and innovation.