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How to Decorate Large Walls?

Struggling for ideas how to fill your large wall in your home or office ? Enjoy our top tips for decorating large walls

Feb 21, 2021 Read More

Do you have a large, bare wall in your home or office and struggling for ideas on how to fill it? Wallpapering takes a lot of work, and painting is messy and intrusive. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options out there – but you shouldn’t be intimidated.

Neon signs instantly brighten up any sad looking wall and are a quick and inexpensive way to add a unique flair to your room. However, they are the only option available. Having a loose idea of what you want to achieve with your space helps shorten your decision-making process.

To help you decide, we’ve tracked down our top tips for decorating your large walls – enjoy!


A Single Work of Art

Adding a piece of art, such as a painted picture or photograph is a quick and simple way to decorate your wall. Be aware that committing to one piece of art is a bold move, as selecting the wrong piece for your space can lead to unintended consequences.

Choosing an overbearing piece can quickly become daunting and overshadow your room. If you do go down this route, pick a piece that means something to you and something you can relate to. Getting across your personality in a space is essential in achieving a lived-in, warm feel.

These days, it’s harder and harder to make an impactful statement, especially as a business. Artwork is so common that it can often just blend into the background. Incorporating a neon sign into your living space of work area can leave a long lasting and unforgettable impression.


Make That Two?

As we explained, choosing a single piece of art can be a complicated process - humans do not cope well with too much choice. Trying to find the right balance for your room is a task even some professionals struggle with.

As an alternative, two cohesive works of art can complement your space well – increasing the wall coverage and capturing the visual interest of your guests or visitors. Integrating multiple pieces of work can be done in two ways, as a diptych (a single work spread across two frames) or two similar pieces paired together.

Picking the right pieces of art for your space is undeniably tricky. Sometimes you need a piece in a particular size, to capture a specific emotion or to accurately reflect your brand. Relying on your customer to correctly interpret the piece of art is risky. Neon signs can be completely customised to your specifications, taking much of the uncertainty out of the process.


Design Your Own Neon Gallery Wall

An emerging trend we love is the installation of a gallery wall, filling your space with many pieces in different shapes and styles. The benefit? A fluid wall that really gets across the personality of the occupant. Don’t be afraid to mix in a variety of pieces in different measurements, as this is what tends to make this style really impressive.

If you’re looking to make a real statement, opt for black frames. For a more muted, understated approach, go for an all-white option. Selecting pictures or photos from a single theme adds additional continuity – dedicate your wall to family, your portfolio, or overseas adventures.

If making a statement is your objective, there is no bolder statement than a neon sign. Fluorescent signage instantly attracts attention and is a unique alternative to traditional wall decorations.


Tapestry Wall Hanging

Perfect for a rural, chic feel, hanging a tapestry or vintage rug from your wall can bring a unique sense of texture and character into your space. Ensure the colours you choose work well with your existing décor to prevent any discontinuity. An added benefit, particularly if you have noisy neighbours, are the sound insulating effects of hung textiles.

Be careful as hanging textiles do not suit all walls. Tapestries can be particularly heavy, which can lead to problems if not adequately secured. As an alternative, a neon sign is a much lighter way to instantly personalise an otherwise dreary wall.


Shelving ideas for walls

Hanging works of art from your walls is not for everyone. Floating shelving is a quicker alternative that leaves you with plenty of options. Switching out the artwork becomes a breeze, and you don’t have to worry about covering up any holes you have put into your walls. You can also use the shelving to display achievements, sculptures or models that would not be possible to hang.

Pairing your shelving with a one of a kind neon sign makes an exciting addition to most spaces, and has the benefit of not requiring additional drilled holes. We work with neon signs large and small that can either be fixed to walls or entirely freestanding, to suit the space you are working with.


Go bold, go neon

Without a doubt, our favourite choice for a blank wall is the addition of a neon sign. Neon signs are hugely versatile and can work in homes and office spaces of all shapes and sizes.

Aside from aesthetics, neon lights have a lot of additional benefits. Customisability gives you incredible freedom when it comes to incorporating your logo or business slogan. For your home, perhaps you would opt for a positive or heartwarming statement. Neon signs can be constructed in an overwhelming amount of colours, and the design options are endless.

As a marketing tool, neon signs are highly effective, especially when visible from the outside. As customers, we have been conditioned to look for neon signs to determine whether a business is open or to identify promotions. As a business owner, you can hack into this conditioning by drawing the attention of any potential customers walking by.

Neon lighting is cheap and energy-efficient to run and can cut up to 70% off of your ongoing energy bills. Neon lamps are also long lasting, running for over 100,000 hours (11 years). Compared to a traditional lightbulb which can last as little as 6 months, for the financially responsible business owner, neon is an obvious choice.

If you’re considering installing a neon sign in your home or office space, get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements. Our team of neon professionals has years of experience in the field. They will work with you to provide you with a completely customised neon sign solution for your blank or empty walls.

If you would like some help in designing the best LED neon light for your needs, get in touch with us today!