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How to take THE perfect Instagram photo with your LED neon sign?

Sep 8, 2023 Read More

LED neon signs are far more than just decorative elements – they've become glowing gems for any interior! And now, they can truly make a difference on your Instagram account.

So, how do you use these signs to capture the perfect Instagram photo? Follow the guide!

The Setup

1. Choose the ideal location

The first thing to consider is the placement of the LED neon sign – find the perfect spot for it! You can definitely hang it on the wall using the provided hardware, or place it on a dresser, a shelf, and more. Your followers will love to see your LED neon sign interact with your interior.


2. Match the Colors

Consider color harmony when decorating your space with a LED neon sign. Choose accessories that match the colors in your luminous artwork for a coherent and catchy ambiance.

The shots

1. Be creative with angles

LED neon signs can be shot from various angles. Try oblique angles, low-angle shots, or high-angle shots. The angle can give your photo a unique atmosphere, so don't hesitate to experiment until you find the one that best highlights your luminous sign and the surrounding space.


2. Control ambient light

The LED neon sign should be the main light source in your photo. Turn off other lights or dim them. If you're shooting during the day, pick a room with low natural light or use curtains to filter out excess brightness.


3. Interact with your LED neon sign

Don't hesitate to appear in the photo, perhaps admiring the piece! Your followers will love seeing you interact with your LED neon sign, making your photo more lively and engaging.


4. Play with reflections

Reflective surfaces, like mirrors or polished floors, can add an extra dimension to your photo. By placing your sign near one of these surfaces, you can create a reverberation effect that amplifies the LED neon's impact.

5. Use portrait mode

If your camera or smartphone has a portrait mode, use it. It will focus on the LED neon sign while slightly blurring the background, giving depth to your shot.



And Finally!

Remember, Instagram isn't just visual. A well-thought-out caption can enhance the impact of your photo. Think of something fun, inspiring, or informative related to your LED neon sign.

Photographing a LED neon sign for Instagram requires particular attention to composition, lighting, and angle. With a bit of creativity and experimentation, you'll be well-equipped to capture THE perfect photo that'll make waves on your feed!

Follow these tips and turn your LED neon sign into the true stars of your Instagram account ✨
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Happy photoshoot and may the LED neon sign be with you!