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Trending Now: Make your space shine with an LED neon sign

Feb 21, 2021 Read More

Lighter and cooler than its old school cousin, LED neon is winning over design addicts and becoming this year's ultimate home decor must-have. Dress up your walls with an artist designed sign or customize your own and make it one of a kind. With so many of us spending more time at home, it’s not just decor, it’s self-care.

Do You: Express yourself with neon home decor  

Your home is a reflection of you. It’s full of memories - pieces collected in your travels, things handed down from family and friends. You’ve perfectly melded new and old for an aesthetic that’s eclectic and on trend. But with all of these items curated and perfectly hung, you’re still looking for a statement making work of art that wows. Enter neon - a hero that’s here to save you from boring walls. Whether you create a glowing shrine to avocado toast in your kitchen or hang something cheeky above your bed, neon is sure to bring a smile. 

Retro Reboot: Bring motel vibes and movie magic indoors

If you’ve watched too many Vegas movies or have a penchant for seedy motels, you’ve probably heard that old familiar neon buzz. Fear not, the next generation of neon home decor is smarter, greener, and quieter than the ones that came before. LED neon is totally cool and ready to hang wherever you desire - no casino or dive bar required. Pay homage to your favorite retro flick with an LED neon sign featuring an iconic image or quote. Pour a glass of something strong - wait, make it a double - and live out your film noir dreams in its glow.

Gram It: Get social from the comfort of home

We content creators know there’s always another day, always another post. But when you’re fresh out of updates, owning your own LED neon sign is *almost* as good as having a cute pet. It offers endless photo-ops to illuminate your followers’ feed. And hey, it never needs to eat, sleep, or poo. If your socials are your brand (and whose isn’t), punctuating your feed with a pop of neon is an instant way to entertain your friends, get discovered, and introduce new followers to your vibe.  

Mood Boost: Illuminate your space with an LED neon sign

Sure, having something to share is great, but we like what an LED neon sign does for the mind too. If you’re spending more time at home these days, it’s more important than ever to keep the space positive and bright. Perk up a dark corner of your house with an optimistic neon sign. We love fruit, florals, and text that empowers. With a cheery LED neon sign, your room is vibrant and so is your mood.