Welcome to the bright side!
We’re in the business of bringing joy

Our story

People are happiest when they’re outside soaking up the sunshine. And though neon is no replacement for good old vitamin D, we believe in the powerfully uplifting effects of light. Our inspiration for yellowpop came from this simple concept and a love of art and design.

A unique LED neon sign lights up a room with a warming glow, a fun pop of color, and a dose of good vibes. Seeing that glow is what keeps us excited to grow, create new products, and keep spreading the joy.

Sending love, light, and neon your way. . .

Ruben & Jeremy

Our Philosophy

Be Nice

Sounds pretty simple, but at yellowpop, we believe in being nice. Our product is all about positive vibes and so are we.

Make Cool Things

Creativity keeps us going. We love coming up with new ideas and seeing yours. You inspire us, and we hope to inspire you.

Support Artists

Art is awesome, and we care about the people who create it. We value their time, talent, and imagination.

Keep Improving

Perfection is overrated, but we still aim high. We’re constantly working to make your experience top notch.

Fear Of Empty Walls


There is nothing worse than a blank wall, an empty expanse, an interior just waiting to be decorated. This is what Fear of Empty Walls is and at Yellowpop we are fighting against it. We fight empty walls by providing you with unique LED Neon Signs from our collection or by helping you design a custom creation.