product details

Customisation available, just contact us! 

LED:  Safe, durable, waterproof and energy-efficient for reduced running costs.

Acrylic Backing : Light, resistant, transparent, strengthen the sign.

We provide : 

  • Neon sign mounted on an acrylic board with pre-drilled holes,
  • Advertising screws to hung directly to the wall 
  • Power supply (EU, AU, US, UK available) to connect direct to the wall
  • dimmer to adjust the brightness of the sign



Mount it like a painting 🖼 & Plug it like a lamp 💡 

(pro tip: make sure you’re close to an outlet first!) 

We ship worldwide for free and guarantee 2-3 week delivery.

Urgent need ? We also have a fast track :  10-12 days : +90 or 7-9 days +150.