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10 things that will make your living room pop

Feb 21, 2021 Read More
Sometimes all you need to freshen up a room and add some novelty are details, little pops of color that will attract the eye and give your interior a curated feel.
 Here at yellowpop we love interior design and thought we'd share 10 things that are guaranteed to give your living room a touch of pop! Obviously we think the best option to brighten your space is a neon sign (our favorites for a living room are Good Vibes Only, I'm watching you, La Vie en Rose), but here are a few things we'd also recommend checking out.





Assouline books

Assouline was founded with the aim to be the first luxury brand on culture. Their books are beautifully crafted – they will add color to your living room. Assouline offers books on a wide variety of subjects ranging from design and architecture to travel destinations and luxury brands. 

If you've got the space, you can create a nicely curated bookshelf (adding a few decor elements such as plants or vases will make it look even more unique) – but you can also use the books as a feature piece on a coffee table.


Fancy wallpaper

Why not create a feature wall with a nice, eye catching wallpaper? This is quite an easy trick that will instantly transform your living room and make it unique and personal. Feathr for example have some great options to choose from.
The idea is not to put wallpaper on every wall (although if you love the look of this go for it!) but rather to create a feature wall in your space. This will be more balanced and will pull the entire room together nicely. You can then add decor elements on top of the wallpaper, such as a few frames or a neon sign, to create an even more unique feature wall. 


A mini ping pong table

Ping pong is a fun game to play with your family members or guests. Ping pong tables are usually set in outdoor spaces but you can actually have one inside your home as well!
The Art of Ping Pong are experts when it comes to... well, you guessed it – ping pong. Their mini Art Tables are designed to be hung like paintings and can be turned into a ping pong table within seconds. Perfect for those festive evenings at home!



A colorful rug

Rugs are a great way to make your living room feel harmonious and cozy. If your interior is quite neutral, a colorful rug can be a nice touch of pop to add! Check out Revival rugs for cool options.
One thing to keep in mind when it comes to rugs is that it needs to be harmonious with the rest of your decoration, especially with the flooring and walls. Before buying, make sure the rug you chose will look great against your floor and the color of your walls!


A pop of paint

In the same idea as wallpapers, why not try to paint a wall in an accent color? This is quite an easy trick that will instantly change your living room and bring some freshness.
Again, the idea is not to paint your entire living room pink but rather to pick one wall and make it pop with paint. A good tip is to paint the wall that's in front of you when you enter your living room – it's the first one you and your guests see as you enter the space and often a nice one to be turned into a feature wall. 


A few plants

Quite an obvious one but plants are always a good option when it comes to adding life to your living room. Patch Plants offer a wide range of varieties – we're pretty sure you'll find the plant of your dreams among their selection!
Consider different options: plants can be put directly on the floor but you can also put smaller ones on shelves, side tables, coffee tables – and you can even hang some from the ceiling if you feel like it! Instant jungle feel guaranteed. 


Board games

Board games are a staple in every living room – not only do they provide great entertainment and fun for your family & guests, but they can also be statement pieces of your decoration. We love Jonathan Adler's collection of curated games.

Our favorites? This playful, pastel backgammon set and this colorful rainbow puzzle. Who said board games were boring? 


A pinball machine

If you've got the space, a pinball machine can be an incredible addition to your living room decor. It will be an instant hit with your guests – who doesn't enjoy playing a few rounds of pinball every once in a while? Check out Stern Pinballs for the coolest designs! 

From an interior design perspective, a pinball machine can be a real statement piece – don't hesitate to build your entire decoration around it! Put it in a central spot and add elements that allude to it (such as prints, other vintage inspired artefacts, etc) in the room to bring everything together and create a cohesive atmosphere.


Cool prints

Prints are a nice way to express your personality on your walls. You can put them in frames or paste them directly on the wall for a more arty finish. We love We Built This City's selection of limited edition art prints

Make sure you choose prints that reflect your vision of the world and personality. You can also create a narrative using a few different prints that complement each other – the best for a gallery wall is usually to combine text based prints with pictures or illustrations. 


A fun candle

We all love candles but we don't usually see them as fun decor elements. Some brands have come up with really cool concepts, like for example Pyropet –  their animal shaped candles burn down to reveal a skeleton of the animal. Unexpected but quite cool!

If you're not a fan of the slightly macabre animal skeleton option, we also love these peace hand shaped, colorful candles. The good thing is they look amazing even when they're not burning! Makes you want to never light them and keep them forever as ornaments.



We hope this selection will inspire you to turn your living room into a space that represents you and makes you feel at home!