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Cool Down: 7 LED neon signs to help get your chill on

Jul 8, 2021 Read More

Celebrate summer by creating a neon lit chill zone at home.

It’s always the right time for neon. But with summer officially here, it’s got us vibing even more. From all-American glamour to mellow mantras lit up in your favorite fonts, an LED neon sign makes any space shine. Hang it where you charge up. Hang it where you unwind. Hang it how and where you want. Pour a drink and let the stress of the day pass on by. 

Check out the mellow-yellow neon signs we made for days like these.

Life is Beautiful

Revel in the moment under the light of our Life is Beautiful neon sign. This summer is all about making memories and keeping the good times flowing. We can’t imagine a better phrase to remind us how good we’ve got it. 


A fun take on the classic peace sign, this design forward LED artwork comes from the mind of potter and interior icon Jonathan Adler. It’s cool and soothing. Playful and pulled together all at the same time. 

Extra Chill

When you’re chillin’ like a villain (or a mild mannered sidekick), this trippy neon sign is the perfect fit. It brings an easygoing 80s typeface and puts it on repeat. It’s prismatic, funky, and full of movement.  

Lost in Euphoria

Be the lead character in your own story. One that’s full of thoughtful asides. Inspired by movie captions and everyday life, this piece by Sarah Bahbah freezes a look. A feeling. A moment in time. 


Float to lofty heights and rest your head in the clouds. This serene neon sign is the perfect escape from the weight of the world. Hang it in the bedroom and drift away to dreamland in style.  

Good Vibes Only 

Keep the positive energy flowing with our Good Vibes Only neon sign. The simple cursive script feels like a note to self - a fleeting thought jotted down in a Moleskine before it gets away. 

Spiritual Hand 

Get a read on the room and whatever the future holds. Part of our exclusive Diet Prada collection, this LED artwork takes the classic neon of tarot palmistry and levels it up a notch.