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How Much Does A Custom LED Neon Sign Cost?

Want to buy a Custom Neon Sign ? Good news ! Having a custom-made neon sign doesn’t cost as much as you may first think.

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 If you’re looking for an LED sign for your home or office, our extensive catalogue of beautifully crafted, pre-made designs is a great place to get some inspiration. You can also check out our Love Wall for inspiration from our happy customers! 

But what if you have a specific idea in mind? Perhaps you are looking for a company logo, an advertisement for a particular promotion, or something to install in your home. Creating a stunning custom made neon sign is an option, but you’re worried about it being completely unaffordable. 

Thankfully, the good news is that the cost of having a custom-made neon sign is not as much as you may first think.


Why should I create my own LED Neon Sign?

Having an expertly crafted outdoor sign is essential when presenting a professional look for any business. Whether you own a food-truck, barbershop or restaurant, a luminous neon addition to your shopfront is, without doubt, an attention grabber.

A custom-built LED sign is a long term investment in your business and provided you maintain it appropriately, will last for years to come. With the introduction of LED neon signs, effectively doesn’t have to mean expensive 

If you’re trying to brighten up a room in your home or looking for a unique centerpiece for a wedding or party, a completely personalized sign is a way to inject your personality. We can work with you to build upon your initial ideas and help you to achieve a stunning outcome.

Let’s take a look at the process, and exactly how much a custom neon sign costs.


Factors that Determine the cost of an LED Neon Sign

How does size affect custom neon sign prices?

The most significant determinant in pricing the cost of a custom LED sign is the size. Naturally, the bigger the size of your sign, the more expensive it will be. This is due to the increased material used in construction, as well as the additional labour for assembly.

Our customers can sometimes overestimate the size of the sign they need. Because our LED signs make such an impactful statement, smaller signs are often better. Because of this, you can usually get away with reducing the dimensions of your piece, without compromising on the impact. On average the outdoor signs we produce are about 110 cm wide versus 95 cm wide for the indoor signs.

If you’re considering a custom made LED sign and want to discuss sizing recommendations, get in touch with us today.


How does complexity affect LED Neon sign prices?

What do we mean by complexity? If you have a very intricate design requiring long lengths of LED or if your design uses multiple colors, it will increase the cost. However, compared to traditional neon signs, we can achieve customization at a fraction of the price. 

When working with LED signs, over-complicated designs can be a disadvantage. By creating a crowded look and feel which is hard to see from a distance, the overall message can easily be lost. Using our online rendering tool gives you the option to generate an accurate rendering of your design before purchase. Luckily our team is on hand to assist you through the process and advise you on the best outcome for your final piece.


Production time and neon sign costs

Once your design has been finalized, we will get working on constructing your sign. All neon signs are made by hand, so this naturally increases manufacturing time. Production times will vary, again depending on the final size and intricacy of your design. As an estimate, most custom-built neon signs will ship within 2 – 4 weeks for free. If you do need it sooner, we offer a 10 – 13 days fast track option for an additional cost of $100.

If you have an idea of the size and design of the sign you want, you’re ready to begin using our custom builder.


Ready to get a Price for your LED Sign?

Working with Yellowpop makes the process of bringing your creative vision to life, that much easier. With an extensive selection of colors fonts and backings, options are endless, and there isn’t much we can’t recreate in a fantastic neon glow.

Designing is easy to begin. By following the guidance on our website, you can complete much of your design in minutes. Our custom software allows you to upload a picture of your blank wall, enabling you to visualize a real-life render of your design at home or work.

If you’re not comfortable designing your new sign yourself, our design team can guide you through the process, step-by-step. Our experienced designers at yellowpop have years of experience. They can offer you expert advice on creating you a visually striking neon sign.


How Much Should I Budget for an LED Neon Sign?

Our custom-made LED neon signs start at $199. Based on the dimensions, complexity of design and turnaround time, the final price will be adjusted accordingly. Our customers, on average, spend just below $350 on a custom build. At yellowpop we can work with budgets of all sizes, and as this is an average, many customers spend less than this.

 All of our signs are custom made by hand to your exact specifications. Using high quality, flame retardant PVC and LED tubes, our neon signs are almost unbreakable, give off less heat and simple to install. As an alternative to traditional neon signs, LED is a great choice. Not only are the upfront costs of manufacturing a custom sign much lower, but ongoing costs, including maintenance and energy, are much cheaper.


Why the Cost of Custom Neon Sign is a worthwhile Business Expense

There’s no doubt about it, a neon sign advertising your business is an eye-catching way to get noticed on an overpopulated high street. Customizing your sign to reflect your brand makes a unique statement about your business.  

If you’re not sure what sign to choose or what works best for your business, speak to our team of professionals at yellowpop. After an initial consultation, our team can help narrow down your choices and find you the most suitable option that’s perfect for your business and budget.


How to Get a Custom-made Neon Sign Quote?

If you’re ready to get the ball rolling, try our online custom builder. If you want a text based sign you’ll be able to create it online in 5 mins, get an instant quote and checkout directly on our website.  

For a design based product you’ll have to submit your design and our team of neon guru will get back to you ASAP with the most suitable offer.  

We guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised.

If you would like some help in designing the best LED neon light for your needs, get in touch with us today!