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This photographer and tattoo artist designed a killer neon

Photographer Louis Dazy and super-talented tattoo artist Delphie Chu collaborated to produce the killer neon sign, “Blow my heart”

Feb 21, 2021 Read More

Photographer Louis Dazy and tattoo artist Delphie Chu recently turned their dream to reality when they collaborated with yellowpop to produce their own neon sign titled Blow my heart. We caught up with the pair to understand a little bit more about their work and to discuss what the thinking was behind their neon design. 

Blow my heart with model

What's your background? How long have you been working together?

We both used to work as art directors in advertising agencies before getting into what we specialise in now. I started photography five years ago and Delphie started tattooing three years ago. We’ve been working together since we met, about a year and a half ago. We knew we had the same vision and wanted to start creating things together. Both our arts are heavily influenced by surrealism so it was obvious we had to make something out of it. 

Could you speak a bit about being a tattoo artist? How does it feel to know that people are going to have your art on their skin for the rest of their lives?

As much as I love digital art, I felt the need to start working on a different deeper medium which was more personal. Tattoos also allow me to interact socially much easier and I like the fact that I can work with people on a project they have in mind so they can see it become real. It’s even more amazing that they’ll have it tattooed on their skin.

bear tattoo

What got you into photography? What emotions and feelings are you trying to convey through it?

I started photography five years ago just as I was starting to get bored of my job. I needed a new way to be creative outside of the office so to begin with it was a new way for me to document my life and make memories. Soon after that I got really into it and felt the urge to create visual stories. I like the fact that everyone can feel and imagine something different just by looking at one of my photos, it’s amazing how they can come up with so many different interpretations of my work. I guess as long as my photos make them feel something I’m happy!

Why do you like working with neon in your art?

Neons are so cool and allow us to mix our work. We love working with different kinds of lighting, especially because we like the pop and retro aesthetics. 

Heartbreaker neon photograph

Tell us a bit about your sign, what was the meaning behind it?

Our neon, “Blow my heart”, is a product of two influences we both love: pop culture (inspired a bit by the Bang Bang Bar neon sign in Twin Peaks) and melancholy/nostalgia. We felt it was a great way to mix the two.

Why was designing your own neon a dream of yours?

Working together on a new medium, especially a neon sign, was so exciting for us. I mean we’re 90s kids at heart, creating our own neon sign is definitely a dream come true. Ten-year old us would be so proud!

Blow my heart

How was the process with yellowpop?

It went very smoothly, once the design was done we just had to send it over and you guys did everything else, truly amazing work both on the neon sign and on the customer service!

What will you do with your sign?

It’s currently hanging right over our bed and we turn it on every night! It’s so cool, thanks again <3

Blow my heart is now available to purchase on our website. Go check it out!