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Night Light: Fun LED neon signs for a kid’s room

Feb 21, 2021 Read More

Put down the popsicle sticks and level up with these awesome kids’ room decor ideas.

Kids these days. They’re more tech savvy than most of us. And they’re spending more time at home than ever before. Why not treat your mini-me to something special for their room? Neon signs are pure joy. And you’re not the only one who needs a cool background for Zoom.

Toying Around: Classic childhood characters in neon

Bold colors. Simplified lines. Joyful personalities. Cartoons and toys were pretty much born to become neon signs. Our favorite kids’ room decor ideas are the ones that transport them to a magical place. Hang an LED sign in their room and create an escape from everyday life. Hitch a ride on a unicorn. Hang out with a dinosaur. Give them a taste of your generation with a Pac-Man sign or a cartoon classic, POW!

Sharing Is Caring: Decor for kids who share a room

Anyone who’s shared a room with a sibling knows it isn’t all fun and games. But at the end of the day, they’re your ride or die, your built in best friend. Grab a neon sign that reminds them just how lucky they are. We love Better Together and Work Hard & Be Kind (emphasis on Be Kind). For kids who like to hit the snooze, grab Rise & Shine. Or for those inseparable sibs, go with Sisters, Boys Boys Boys, or Girl Gang.

Snack Time: Fun food shaped neon signs

Whatever your age, everybody loves a food shaped neon sign. If you’re a laid back parent, celebrate our favorite kid food when picking out their bedroom decor. Melty burgers and pizza by the slice. Delicious drips from a double stacked ice cream cone. For the health conscious fam, an LED neon sign made from their favorite fruits and veggies is fun too. We’d love waking up to a cheery lemon, juicy peach, or glowing avocado.

Getting Sketchy: Doodle inspired LED art

Our favorite part about childhood was the freedom to sit down and draw. Whether we were coloring in someone else’s lines or doodling in a notebook, art was part of our daily lives. By collaborating with artists on our neon signs, we’ve been able to bring that playful energy back to life. Pieces by Emily Eldrige, Ju Schnee, and Steffi Lynn all capture the beauty of drawing in a cool new type of art. While these signs would be pretty sweet in a kid’s room, it’s totally cool to grab one for yourself too.